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Welcome to Body Orchestra Studio, a sanctuary for women where I help your body and mind to refresh, allowing you to look and feel balanced, harmonious and at peace. While I work with all women, my speciality lies in women over 40 who want to navigate menopause feeling empowered and at ease with the transition that affects the body and mind.

This page outlines my in-person facial and body treatments, and I also offer coaching and mentoring. You can learn more about that here. It's not easy to describe my treatments. They are not simply facials and massages. Each treatment is unique in that I draw from many different fields of study and give you and your skin what it needs at the moment. All my treatments are massaged-based as I think magic and healing are in the hands.

Did you know that facial and body massage offers scientifically proven benefits that extend far beyond relaxation? These rejuvenating therapies enhance circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and stimulate collagen production, leading to improved skin tone and texture. By targeting specific pressure points and using skilled techniques, facial massage can also reduce puffiness, diminish fine lines, and even alleviate tension headaches.

Body massage treatments help to release muscular tension, improve postural alignment, soothe aching joints, and enhance flexibility. Manual lymphatic drainage protocols boost the immune system, improve cellular detoxification and increase energy. Who wouldn’t want all these wonderful benefits?

Both facial and body massage have been shown to reduce stress hormones, such as cortisol, while increasing levels of neurotransmitters associated with relaxation and happiness, like serotonin and dopamine. So, whether you're seeking radiant skin, relief from muscular discomfort, detoxification, or simply a moment of blissful tranquillity, investing in regular facial and body massage treatments can elevate your well-being and radiance from the inside out.

Each of my holistic treatments is created with you in mind. Feel free to roam around these pages for more information, or if you prefer to chat, reach out to me by WhatsApp or via my contact page.

I’m looking forward to the journey ahead with you, helping to reduce hormonal imbalances while enhancing your facial appearance and overall quality of your journey through and beyond menopause.

Free HARMONY Back Massage with your Holistic Facial or Face Massage

Step into Body Orchestra Studio and retreat from the busyness of Porto

while Louise treats and transforms the health of your skin and body.

Holistic Facial Treatments & Facial Massage

Not just a facial.

Louise works on the whole body system. These massage-based treatments incorporate the underlying tissue and fascia, allowing blood, oxygen and nutrients to be restored to the skin, while gently draining excess fluid and toxins.

HARMONY Back & Neck Treatment

A bespoke treatment crafted to address not just muscular tension, but also the intricate connection between your postural alignment, facial features, and the aging process.

Bring your body and mind into harmony and let your inner radiance shine through.

Facial & Full Body Lymphatic Drainage

Improve your immune system, boost your energy levels, and reduce puffiness and fatigue. This superficial pressure massage technique moves the fluid lymph through your lymphatic system which is a filter for your body that houses wastes, toxins, and mutant cells.

GROUND & ALIGN Treatment

This treatment is designed to leave you feeling grounded, rejuvenated, and aligned from head to toe.

Enjoy a fook soak, sound bath, and exfoliation with grounding snacks, followed by a scalp massage plus acupressure and light stretches of the neck, back, arms and legs.


Online Reviews

Riitta D via Trip Advisor

This was an amazing facial, and not just a facial as Louise included gentle massage and treatment for neck, shoulders, decollete, head, and even feet :) The space was comfortable, welcoming and clean. The treatment was completely customized to what my skin needed, and Louise's touch is nothing short of magical! My skin glowed afterwards, and is still feeling supple and radiant the next day. I highly recommend Louise!

My skin felt like polished pearl

Connie N via Trip Advisor

Such a lovely experience. Louise is a highly competent knowledgable professional and knows what she’s doing. She provides a welcoming peaceful space to do her magic for her clients. My skin felt like polished pearl. I have already recommended her to my friends and will be using her services in the future.

The 90-Min Facial was the best ever!

Kay K via Google Review

The 90 min facial was the best ever! Louise uses only natural, soothing products. With her intuitive, personalised approach in a lovely, serene space I will be booking a series of treatments. Highest recommendation for a nurturing experience that leaves your skin radiant and your spirits lifted.

Duné VW via Trip Advisor

To receive a facial treatment from Louise Pitot is quite the experience! I always book a 90-minute facial with her and I am rather sad when it comes to an end. I am constantly attracted to the extra special treatments that Louise offers over and above a facial treatment, which include: head massage, sinus relief, stone gua sha or stone roller treatment, facial and neck lymph drainage, and buccal facial treatment - what a treat! Louise is highly trained and skilled and I can truly recommend her treatments. She constantly pursues self-improvement to educate herself further in the field of ageless beauty. Louise is warm and kind and will go out of her way to always make anyone feel welcome.

Marieta N via Trip Advisor

While visiting Porto my friend & I were lucky enough to find Body Orchestra. We enjoyed a facial & facial message. The atmosphere was relaxing & friendly. We both left relaxed & with improved skin. Wish we were able to be regular customers.

The facial I had with her was nourishing for my skin and soul.

Gloria N Google Review

Louise is wonderful, the 60-minute holistic facial I had with her was refreshing and nourishing for my skin and my soul. Would highly recommend to anyone in Porto looking for a wellness treat.

Wonderful rejuvenating and unique facial and experience

France D via Trip Advisor

I had heard about Louise from a friend and was delighted by the wonderful service. It is the best facial I have ever had - although facial does not really describe it. There was also a lot of face massaging and lymph drainage and I felt I looked much younger afterwards. I will definitely go back frequently to see her and highly recommend Body Orchestra!

Ryan F via Trip Advisor

I recently visited Louise for a facial and had a wonderful experience. She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, professional and intuitive. Experiencing her treatment took facial care to a new level….enhancing my well being as well as improving the health of my skin.

Andria J via Trip Advisor

It is an indelible treat having Louise tend to your skin - with such care and reverence for her craft, she works wonders with her hands. I always look forward to her facials as I can fully relax and know I am being taken care of. One of my favourite things is that they are also a full body experience - she is consistently nurturing and massaging your face, neck, shoulders, head, and even your feet aren't forgotten! You feel amazing from top to toe and left with beautiful glowing skin for days afterward. Louise is pure magic!

What an experience with Louise

Sonia V Google Review

What an experience being with Louise. She has a way about her. I had a facial and she has a technique that I really enjoyed, my skin felt so soft afterwards. Thank You Louise will def go back for more treatments

Lauren Google Review

Louise is a rarity in Porto! Her facial massage is hands down THE best ever. My face had a noticeable difference and I had no idea I was so "puffy" until after I had her lymphatic drainage done on my face. She is gentle on your delicate areas but knows how to move things around to really get your face glowing and feeling rejuvenated. I cannot wait to book my next facial massage with her and drift off to sleep again on her table while she works her magic!

I highly recommend a visit

Dee B Google Review

I really enjoyed this facial. Very calming and relaxing. My skin looked great after and I looked less puffy and tired. The studio is clean and serene and Louise is lovely. She added some kind personal touches like water with mint and fruit, tea after, with some berries and nuts. I highly recommend a visit.

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