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Holistic Facial Experiences

Step into Body Orchestra and retreat from the busyness of Porto while Louise treats and transforms the health of your skin and body.

All facial treatments are designed to deliver results while supporting your well-being for a truly customized and rejuvenating experience. Each holistic facial and facial massage includes her signature welcome ritual and a combination of skilled massage techniques on your face, neck, décolleté and scalp. Depending on the length of your treatment and your skin's needs on the day, techniques may include European facelift massage, Tsuboki Japanese facial rejuvenation, buccal (intra-oral) massage, gua sha, cupping, lymphatic massage, acupressure, & connective tissue work.

Louise has selected only the most potent intelligent plant-based, probiotic skincare ingredients that are cruelty-free. And along with Louise's bespoke massage techniques, you'll leave feeling restored with an inner and outer glow.

Holistic Facials

Not just a facial.

Louise works on the whole body system. These massage-based treatments incorporate the underlying tissue and fascia, allowing blood, oxygen and nuttients to be restored to the skin, while gently draining excess fluid and toxins.

Facial Massage

Now recognised as a non-invasive facelift, facial massage using skilled techniques can lift and rejuvenate your skin, reduce puffiness and restore your glow. Your treatment will be customised to your skin's needs on the day using a viariety of massage techniques.

Lymphatic Drainage

Improve your immune system, boost your energy levels, and reduce puffiness and fatigue. This superficial pressure massage technique moves the fluid lymph through your lymphatic system which is a filter for your body that houses wastes, toxins, and mutant cells.

Gua Sha

Coprrectly done, gua sha can prevent and support changes in the blood flow in the muscles and tissue of your facial area. A full facial gua treatment includes other areas like arms or legs to affect the facial area work on, understanding that the face is not seperate to the body..

Menopausal Wisdom

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