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Kind words from clients

Louise has got the most beautiful, kind and gentle spirit. Her caring is second to none. Sheโ€™s an inspiration and has the ability to warm up a room instantly. Her knowledge on skincare, hormone management, essential oils and nutrition are world class.

Megan Clare Snijman

I always wanted to embark on this journey but never found the muse or will to do it. Louise was a great facilitator and I never felt lost or unsupported along the way. I feel that I have learnt a significant amount about my eating habits and will hopefully keep new healthier patterns in my daily routine from now on. Thank you Louise for holding this space for us ๐Ÿ’œ

Erica Herz

Whenever I go to see Louise, I come away feeling better about myself, the world and life in general. All her therapies are wonderful, including just collecting some products and having a chat - you will leave with a smile.

Paige Aarts