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Did you know that as women, we receive up to 3000 messages a day about how we should look, feel, act and be?

My name is Louise and I am creating the life I desire, every day, bit by bit. I do my best to make these changes small enough to be manageable and big enough to make a real difference in my life.


I’m 46 and loving this phase even though my hormones and body are not as they used to be. It’s the very best time for a woman to decide what she really wants, and to make that happen. Physically, chemically and emotionally we are primed for this time in our life and I’d love to share more with you on how you can create this too...

  • If you feel like you need some hormone health, have a look at Balanced Hormones.

  • I’d love to share my top tips for a juicy skin with you. You can find them here at Ageless Beauty.

  • Pop over to Nourished Body to start your journey to healing your food and body challenges.


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April 9, 2020

Dive into the intriguing mix of ageless beauty, nourished body and balanced hormones in the is article. Body Orchestra by Louise Pitot shows how what happens on our skin stems from what else is happening in our body, mind and emotions.

April 7, 2020

Are you looking to start growing some food at home? Possibly sprouts and microgreens? Sunflower seed sprouts are an easy way to get started. I used to grow all sorts of things and sprouts was one of them. I've rekindled the joy of growing the simplest of foods. And look how bountiful they are!

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