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Holistic Body Treatment

As a holistic aesthetician, I approach beauty from a comprehensive perspective, recognising the interconnectedness of the face, body, mind, and emotions. I believe that every aspect influences the other, whether it's the impact of stress and emotions, dietary choices, lifestyle habits, beliefs about aging, or physical conditions like injuries and scar tissue.

With this holistic philosophy guiding me, along with my extensive training and experience in diverse face and body therapies, I've crafted personalised treatments tailored to address these interconnected aspects.

While some treatments, such as lymphatic drainage, adhere to specific protocols, when it comes to my other treatments, my holistic approach extends beyond, encompassing techniques like acupressure, meridian therapy, enhancing circulation, inducing deep relaxation, and acknowledging the holistic nature of the body.

Should you have any queries regarding my treatments, please feel free to connect with me via WhatsApp or through my contact page.

HARMONY Back & Neck Treatment

A 45-minute bespoke treatment crafted to address not just muscular tension, but also the intricate connection between your postural alignment, facial features, and the aging process.

I meticulously target built-up tension in your upper back and neck, alleviating discomfort and encourage your facial muscles to unwind, restoring vitality and breath to the underlying tissues.

Bring your body and mind into harmony and let your inner radiance shine through.

Includes my signature welcome ritual, back and neck massage, hot towel oil removal before you you turn over and I continue the neck massage with you lying face up. We end with my signature closing ritual, tea and a light snack.



Experience the benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage to revitalize your immune system, elevate energy levels, and combat fatigue.

This superficial pressure massage technique moves the fluid lymph through your lymphatic system which is a filter for your body that houses wastes, toxins, and mutant cells.

The 70-minute full body treatment includes abdomen, neck, back, legs and feet, and arms and hands.

If you would like to include the face, choose the 15-minute add on when booking.

Includes my signature welcome ritual, full body manual lymphatic drainage massage and ends with my signature closing ritual, tea and a light snack.


GROUND & ALIGN Treatment

This treatment, performed while fully clothed or in our comfortable robe, is designed to leave you feeling grounded, rejuvenated, and aligned from head to toe.

Your journey begins with a mineralizing foot soak as you enjoy a cup of grounding tea and a light snack, accompanied by a soothing sound bath. Following this, your feet will be gently exfoliated.

Next, you'll be moved to the massage table, where a foot massage awaits, followed by an oil-free scalp massage, as well as acupressure and light stretches targeting your legs, arms, back, and neck.

You'll leave feeling like your body, mind, and soul have been on a mini retreat from the bustling life of Porto, ready to re-enter with positivity and alignment.


CREATE YOUR OWN Treatment Experience

Build your own treatment experience!

The base is my signature welcome and closing rituals, with tea and light snacks.

Then choose any face, body, hand and foot treatments from the list provided to create your unique experience.

If you need any guidance or would like me to create an experience for you, then contact me and I'll put together something lovely for you.

It's like a buffet, but for the face and body!

The time and price will be added up as you choose your treatments.

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