A workshop for couples.

Helping things go right instead of fixing things when they go wrong.

A dynamic and interactive event to help couples 

communicate better,

step out of the drama and

deepen their understanding.


In this workshop you will learn what happens to a women’s brain in midlife and why relationships must change in order to thrive (or even survive). What happens to a man at midlife? Must he have a crisis or is this an opportunity for growth and happiness for him?

We will discuss the drama triangle and how to maintain a drama free relationship. Jacques will explain the dynamics about friction and what really happens when you win the argument. We will end the afternoon off by looking at making things go right and you will leave being in rapport with your partner and with a toolbox full of useful tactics that you can implement immediately.


Jacques and Louise met at a singles night (that neither wanted to attend). They connected instantly and 3 years later (to the day) they married at Leafy Greens in Muldersdrift. Now six years later (again almost to the day!) they return to Leafy Greens to share some wisdom to relating in a way that both people feel heard, appreciated and understood.


Jacques is an NLP Master Practitioner and trainer and when you chat to him you can see, hear and feel that he is listening, truly listening to you, and engaging in the conversation fully. If you look at his bookshelf you will find enough NLP and self-improvement books to start a small library and he is always growing his knowledge about all things neurological. Jacques is also a project manager, personal change strategist, and speaker, and works with people to effect practical transformation.


Louise is an Eating Psychology Coach who healed her body of many hormone imbalances and now helps other women to heal their hormones, learn to live fully in their body and restore their relationship to food. She develops and teaches Ageless Beauty strategies that focus on all aspects of keeping the body and mind feeling and looking youthful and energised. Louise is also a beauty therapist, NLP Practitioner and Yoga Teacher.


Join Jacques and Louise for a day of learning, fun and personal development.

Jacques Moolman

Purveyor of fine thoughts...


NLP Master Practitioner 

Personal Change Strategist


Practical Transformation 

Louise Pitot

Curator of an authentic life...


Eating Psychology Coach 

NLP Practitioner

Women's Wellness Educator

Anti-ageing Strategist

Yoga Instructor