A 'Mind-Body Nutrition' workshop based on the work of Marc David

Nourishment surpasses nutrition.

Are you a fast eater or a slow eater? Do you eat your food on the run or in a relaxed state? Do you devote meal times to eating or do you watch TV or spend time on social media to relax while you eat? In this informative workshop Louise explains how nutrition is 50% what we eat, and the other 50% is who we are as eaters.


Learn how changing the way you eat can improve the nutritional absorption of the food you eat and increase your metabolism. You can eat the healthiest diet on the planet, but if your body is in a stress response while you eat, you will not absorb much of the nutrition from the meal and your body may store fat.


Learn how by attending to your mind and body simultaneously, you can shed excess weight, increase energy and enhance digestion.


Let me show you how to create optimal nourishment in your body and life through some simple steps.