Ever wonder why Cleopatra bathed in milk? 
(Rumour has it, this required 700 lactating donkeys to meet her daily bathing requirements!) And did you know that cocoa powder tightens the skin and honey heals it?

By learning what happens to our skin, hair and nails and hormones as we age, we can tailor our beauty and skincare regimes during each decade of our lives and ensure we grow older with style and grace.
Considering each decade from our teens to our sixties, we look at beauty from an organic and natural approach and and discuss effective cosmetic ingredients that will make you glow. We’ll also snack on beautifying foods throughout the morning. 

Our hormones have a profound effect on how we age and during this interactive workshop, you will learn exactly how to slow down the aging process and retain that youthful glow.
We won’t be asking you to go out and buy a herd of donkeys either.

Empower yourself

with knowledge, tips and tricks to maximise each decade & grow older with 

style & grace