Hormone Reset Masterclass

Here's what previous resetters had to say about the Hormone Reset Diet Masterclass... 

The Hormone Reset Master Class encouraged me to commit time to caring for my body and in doing so my whole being. I challenged the things I thought I new about my body. Since my early 20's I have eaten 7 meals a day in an effort maintain stable blood sugar levels. This was both time consuming and expensive and left me feeling frustrated. With nourishing my body well and balancing my hormones with wise food choices I now enjoy 3 very satisfying meals a day. My husband has found me to be less irritable (as I don’t get "hangry" daily) and I feel more energized and am free from watching the clock for the inevitable sugar slump if I miss a snack. 


Thank you Louise, you inspire me to be a stronger healthier version of myself. Your wisdom it is a gift that you share so well. 

I highly recommend this workshop to every woman. 

Kayleigh van der Heever

Dear Louise,

I'm writing this testimonial with tears in my eyes. I really want to thank you for your passion, dedication, time and energy spent on helping others "fix" or heal what they might not have known was 'broken' and out of place. 

At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and all my doctors told me that I might have infertility issues later on in life. When I fell pregnant with my daughter at the age of 29 (she is turning 3 in May), I was the fittest and healthiest I have ever been.. and it still took us 10 months to conceive her. I cut out sugar, alcohol and all other foods that I thought made me sick (mainly grains/starch and dairy), by just listening to my body. My symptoms ranged from headaches and at times migraines, severe stomach pain, sore joints, etc, etc.

In 2016 my husband and I started talking about having another baby and in Dec 2016 decided that we would start trying. In Jan 2017 I went to my doctor for a checkup and ended up having to go for monthly or bimonthly visits until Dec 2017 for prescription after prescription, injections, measurement of my ovaries/eggs, and so much more. In June 2017 I woke up one morning with severe abdominal pain, just to find out a few days later that I was, in fact, pregnant but had an ectopic pregnancy. 

I attended the Masterclass at Leafy Greens and knew that it was something I had to do to heal myself and my body. IT WAS AMAZING and a great eye-opener. I've always thought that food was important in our lives and our wellbeing, but until recently only realised just HOW important it is. I've learnt so much about myself and my body. 

At the end of Dec 2017, I decided that it was too expensive, invasive and emotionally draining to go through the process of hormone tablets, injections and doctor visits again and that I would give my body a break until I felt mentally ready for it again. A little less than 2 weeks ago I didn't start my menstrual cycle and waited 3 days just to make sure, then decided to buy a pregnancy test. To our surprise... I'M NOW 6 WEEKS PREGNANT!! My husband and I are absolutely over the moon. 

I really just want to thank you again for doing what you do and for hosting the event, or I might not have known about or started the reset and probably not be where I am right now. I (unfortunately) know too many ladies who struggle with infertility and it's heartbreaking, so have referred a few of them to you in the hopes of changing their lives as well.
Your passion really shows and I wish you all the best with your business. 

August 2018 update: 

Daleen is now 28 weeks pregnant and sent me her scan (see pic) I'm so excited to meet your little boy Daleen!

Daleen Dimitru

It was an absolute delight for me to meet Louise and Antonia at the Hormone Reset Workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the program, and feel inspired to alter my nutrition for the better going forward. Subsequent to following the 21-day program, I am now far more in tune with my body and the effect that certain foods have on my body. I would be open to repeating the program in the not-too-distant future as there were times that I slipped off the wagon, but I got right back on and carried on with the reset. After the initial detox symptoms had subsided, I had so much energy, felt so refreshed, inspired and alive. Thank you Louise and Antonia for helping me to start this incredible journey. Already on board for the next one! Thanks and kind regards

Carike Laroque

This has been an eye opening experience for me. I knew that sugar is one thing to take out of one's diet but didnt realise that other food groups could also play a part in one's imbalance or gaining of weight and that everything ties in with our hormones. Louise was very patient and very helpful in taking us through the reset process and thank goodness for FB, as the support therein, has been very inspiring. AS much as it consumed my time, which is something I need to learn to navigate, I eventually learnt that, it is only me who needs to or can make a change in all aspects of my life. The reset has been a small yet significant and fabulous part my lifestyle change. I would recommend Louise Pitot, to anyone wanting to find out more about their hormones and perhaps lifestyle change

Maya Kooverjee

This reset has been for me about self care and listening to my body. I do tongue scraping and dry bushing every morning and it makes me feel so much alive. Also at the beginning of the reset I decided to go off of my injection contraceptive and start with the Justisse method, I will also be getting the copper IUD for contraception. All of this is to listen to my body and have less contraceptive hormones interfere with my hormones. I had my first period after I think 7 years being on the injection contraceptive, so think the hormone reset is an awesome way to listen to your body

A Happy Resetter

It was a great  - experience and I am proud I did it! Louise was an outstanding coach and always on hand to answer questions. Thank you

Niki Kuys

The highlight of the entire process was the constant virtual support I received from the team. The journey never felt lonely and there was always someone and /or some information to fall back upon. The right amount of information at the right time kept the process going smoothly and efficiently and on track! Thank you.. a very creative approach to take a group of unknown people along so beautifully.

Rajni Nair

Thank you Louise for the wonderful journey you took our minds and body on. It was very insightful. Will definitely do the reset again as I think that with the understanding of the process and the expectations it will be beneficial to repeat whenever I feel out of sync. Looking forward to joining your other workshops. It was an safe and informative group that was great to be a part of.

Lopke Shaikh

This process has reignited my passion for nutrition and my body again. Thank you for all the support and tips. I feel lighter, more excited about healthy food and reconnected to my body.

Simone Michele Berger

A great experience, interesting to understand the body and the hormones more. Even while I entered into this already eating pretty healthy and doing a lot of exercise it was useful to gain some additional knowledge and insight and to participate in this challenge. The Masterclass was well-run and informative. It is always useful to adopt a new challenge and to learn to understand the body that much better. Thanks for the lessons and insight

Monika Kraushaar

Louise has really been an inspiration to my lifestyle as she has taught me that is really easy to lose the extra weight without starving oneself but to only LISTEN to your body on the reaction of the WRONG FOODS CHOICES for your hormones. This is a WORKSHOP EVERY WOMEN SHOULD ATTEND. Thank you Louise

Anne Britz

I am turning 40 this year and signed-up for the Reset because I want to enter my new decade feeling fabulous - comfortable in my own skin and intentional about what I choose to include/exclude from my life. The Reset has made me more mindful about what I eat and why I eat and I'm appreciating the feedback from my body. If we listen to our bodies, we can learn a ton. Thanks Louise! Xx

Bianca Wright

The Hormone Reset Masterclass and programme was a fantastic experience. Loved feeling ‘clean’ and the knowledge and awareness I gained from being more aware. Louise is extremely passionate and knowledgeable and an inspiration. I would definitely do another programme like this and would highly recommend it to friends and family. It’s give me a new sense of awareness and mindfulness towards food and my body.

Andrea Kraushaar

This reset has taught me the value of reading labels and being more conscious about what I put inside my body. I thought I was following a healthy, wholesome diet, but this has caused me to reconsider - I now choose organic produce wherever I can and my overall spend is a lot more "fresh." The reset is quite daunting if you're the only one in the family doing it, but the end result is worth it.

Henrietta Haywood

I've tried following many eating plans and as a very active person doing lots of endurance events I've been struggling since 2013 with my weight gain got worse after my hysterectomy in 2016. This felt like a last resort to me. In the beginning I took it really easy wanted to be kind to myself, however after the headaches gone I had so much energy and felt amazing started to do my normal training routine again. Discovered the benefits of SuperFood and absolutely loving it. I can honestly say the journey from start to finish made it so much easier knowing that you not alone and Louise's feedback very insightful and made sense in lame man terms. I will be forever great full for this experience.

Meg Holtzhausen

The Experience as a whole taught me a lot about my body and what effects the different hormones have on my weight, body composition, mental wellness and sleep. I went into the program hoping to better understand why I was unable to lose weight or maintain a healthy relationship with food. As a vegetarian and eating vegetables and fruit everyday there is always an assumption that what your putting into your body is always "Healthy". I came out of the reset understanding that eating healthy won’t always show a result but understanding your body and its capabilities and restrictions to food and toxins will.

Laura Smit

Fantastic experience. I was so happy with the results and loved the individual attention to detail. Louise is awesome. Thank you

Candice Griebenow

Thank you for helping me love and understand my body more. I am truly grateful for all the invaluable insights and learning I've experienced over the last 3 weeks x

Natascha Prussen

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