Becoming Hormoniously™ Balanced

January 9, 2019


Ever wondered why you are moody before your period, or feel like cancelling all engagements and commitments at that time? And did you know that when you ovulate your face and body literally change shape and you become more magnanimous? 


I just love learning about the menstrual cycle because it's a self development tool that's built right into our body. Each of the four phases of our menstrual cycle is represented by a season, and corresponds with the moon phases. Once we understand how our cycles work, we can start to eat the best foods to support that phase, and tackle the best task suited to the phase we are in. We can also move our body in the most useful way for this phase and turn what some feel is a curse into a magical and empowering toolkit for our life.


Watch my short interview on Real Health for a brief overview. If you would like to learn more check out my next workshop here.


Become Hormoniously™ Balanced! Live Life Hormoniously™! And help your body run like a beautiful symphony, an orchestra with all aspects in tune and in harmony.


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