Stride feet first into Summer

October 15, 2018



With the tangible taste and blissful scents and smells of glorious Summer in the air, it’s time to give our feet some much needed TLC.


Throughout the cold winter months, our feet have been buried deeply beneath countless layers of thick clothing, in the secure confines of our steadfast winter boots and hefty shoes.
Our fortnightly pedicures have taken a backseat and our soles have been lulled into a steady slumber.

We so often stress the need of rich velvety body cream to keep our wintery dehydrated bodies moisturized during the cold months, but we forget to mindfully include our heels and toes in our daily hydrating rituals


All in all…our hardworking feet, more often than not, take a back seat and we forget that they truly are the unsung Heroes of our everyday life. They carry the weight of our worlds (physically and emotionally) without fail and are our very anchors and connection to the earth. Thanks to all the tiny bones, ligaments and tendons, your feet provide essential weight bearing, balance and of course, movement abilities. As the great Leonardo Da Vinci said, “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and work of art”


It is increasingly interesting to see just how many holistic healing systems and even natural medicines place a great importance on the state and health of our feet.

In Reflexology and Meridian therapy and even Oriental Medicine, they have been known to represent the whole body, acting as tattle tails to our real state of overall well-being, making underlying physical imbalances easier to identify.
And in kinesiology and in chiropractic treatments, our feet are crucial points of focus as they assist with the alignment of the entire spinal system.


In a top-heavy fast paced world, here are some pointers to give our feet the love and care we deserve:


  • Get Grounded
    One of the simplest and easiest health tricks out there is to simply practice Grounding your feet every day!
    Grounding (also sometime referred to as ‘Earthing’) is simply the connection of your bare feet to the natural surface of the earth.
    When kicking off your shoes making this reconnection with the earth with your bare feet, free electrons are taken up into the body. These free electrons are Earths greatest antioxidants, which help neutralize all the free radicals we encounter, in excess, each and every day. And by doing so, we decrease inflammation, the rate of premature aging and ultimately, disease.
    Some of the extensive benefits of Grounding include:
    -Increased vitality and energy
    -Decrease in stress and reduction of high levels of cortisol
    -Eased back pain and chronic headaches.
    -Overall decrease of inflammation
    -Assists with balancing natural sleep patterns and important sleep-inducing hormones
    -Assists the body of disposing of harmful EMFs (thanks to our cellphones, tablets, electronic devices) that heavy contribute to “dis-ease”.
    So… kick off your shoes, connect with glorious nature and soak up some Vitamin-G!


  • Take the load off                                                                                                                                   As mentioned before, we live in a top-heavy world. And whilst our minds may feel frantic, full and even “red-hot” from daily overwhelming information overload, our feet often remain colIt’s interesting to note that in a lot of cases where people suffer from anxiety and nervous conditions, their hands and feet remain cold, regardless of temperature changes. Ending your day with a warm foot bath is a great way to wash away the day’s tension and improve circulation to these lower extremities, especially if your body has endured long periods of standing or even sitting. Alternatively, if you are prone to feelings of anxiousness or tension, begin your day with a warm foot bath to bring about feelings of balance and a sense of inner calm. By evenly distributing heat and focus from the brain/upper body to the feet/lower body, one often experiences a sense of balance and clarity, making for a great way to start your day!

Note: I recommend using Dr. Hauschka’s Sage Bath Essence as a foot soak. Not only does Sage assist in controlling the body’s thermal regulation, but also assists in reducing hard calluses and cornification’s, promoting soft and smooth feet. Furthermore, Sage is well known for its antibacterial and odour controlling qualities (great in additional treatment to fungal infections), but is also renowned for its ability to create balance.
Simply use 1-2 caps of Sage Bath Essence in a full bath or ½-1 cap in a foot bath.


  • “Achy-Breaky”
    Socrates interesting stated “When our feet hurt we hurt all over.” and I couldn’t agree more. When your legs and feet ache, your whole body aches.
    It’s important to pay attention to these aching alarm bells, as your body may be indicating that there is an imbalance or deficiency somewhere.
    When it comes to experiencing leg and even foot cramps, turn to your minerals.
    A good form of magnesium is essential in alleviating these symptoms, as well as its plethora of additional health benefits.
    I always recommend supplementing with a good bio-available, well-absorbed form of Magnesium (in my experience, Magnesium Glycinate works especially well with muscle cramps) and also turning to wholesome magnesium-enriched foods like nuts, nourishing ancient grains, avocado and dark chocolate.
    Many people suffering from muscle cramps have had great success with supplementing with Tissue Salts, like Mag Phos. As a remedy, Mag Phos is known for its fast-acting alleviation to cramps and darting pain.
    Chat to your Health care Professional about supplementation.


  • Get Moving
    Circulation, blood flow and lymph flow are absolutely key when it comes to having healthy feet and a healthy body.
    However, we become so caught up in our lives and the daily frantic on goings and rushing about, that we forget to move, positively.
    Yoga is one of the very best forms of holistic exercise, whereby movement, circulation, breath and meditation all contribute to a balanced body and mind.
    Yoga offers a long list of incredible physical, emotional and mental benefits!
    Contact Louise Pitot for a personalized yoga session.


Note: Using Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Leg and Arm Tonic as a pre or post work-out ritual is a great way to improve circulation and tone and revitalize tired legs, arms and feet. This beautiful non-oily tonic helps to minimise water retention (swelling) and brings lightness to tired arms, legs and feet, making it perfect for every-day use.

Specially selected ingredients like Rosemary oil energises and warms the skin, while Borage helps to reduce appearance of varicose veins and cellulite, making this an all-round tonic for everyone!

  • Pampered and protected
    We all need to learn to love our selves a little bit more and devoting moments to “Me-Time” is a great starting point. Self-love rituals can be as simple or as intricate as you would like them to be. Often, an easy way to start is by devoting time to Self through positive touch or a simple self-care pamper session. Whether it’s a long candle-lit Epsom salt bath or perhaps or a simple pampering application of your favourite body oil or soothing foot cream; time focused on touching your own skin with positivity and worth is a wonderful way to start giving back to YOU.


Note: I highly recommend incorporating Dr. Hauschka’s daily Hydrating Foot Cream into your self-love pamper sessions at the end of each day, as it provides intensive care for particularly dry and cracked feet while soothing and refreshing simultaneously. This luxurious rich foot cream absorbs instantly, without leaving an oily residue and I absolutely love the fact that plant-hero, St John’s Wort, has been specifically chosen for it amazing ability to bring lightness and brightness to our feet, which in our culture, remain confined to the eternal darkness of our heavy shoes.


Nicky van der Walt is a passionate Dr Hauschka aesthetician. Her knowledge and experience expands to all things health related as she comes from a ‘health shop’ background and has studied many health modalities. Book your Dr Hauschka treatment with Nicky by emailing her at

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