Benefits of Increasing Quality Foods

May 6, 2018



Did you know that the quality of our food can affect our digestion, mood, sleep quality and immune system, not to mention energy levels, skin, hair and nails and ultimately longevity. If I can only give you one piece of nutritional information that can change your life and heal so many aspects, it would be to improve the quality of the food you eat. Whatever food you eat, choose the best quality of that food.


My favourite way to increase the quality of my food is to look for organic food and buy directly from the farmer when possible. I find the experience of visiting the farmers market so nourishing. Meeting the person who grew my food, noticing the love and effort that has gone into growing this for me makes the biggest difference not only in the actual nutrient quality of organic foods, but also the energetic quality.  When eating high quality foods, in season, we are ingesting a wide variety of macronutrients which we can use to fuel our metabolic needs, we have accessory nutrients as well as the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.


An example of this is bread. You must admit that a good slice of bread is the ultimate comfort food.  There’s a real food grocer up the road from my house who sells a sourdough bread that had been fermented for 40 hours and is certified by the celiac organisation. Fermentation is a biological process that converts sugars into cellular energy and lactic acid. Lactic acid increases the digestibility of food and promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria. It also increases the micronutrient levels of food. The fermentation process also breaks the gluten down into smaller amino acids making it more digestible for people with gluten sensitivities. You can see by this example that slow fermented sourdough breads will have a much bigger impact on your health than just any old bread. And remember not all sourdough is created equal because most bakers don’t ferment it long enough for the above beneficial results to occur. I suggest asking them how long it has been fermented.


It is unfortunate that much of the food that reaches the supermarket has been processed or has been sprayed with chemicals that increase the chemical load in our body. Our bodies are incredible and always lean towards health. When we reduce this chemical load, we give our body the opportunity to heal and function more optimally.

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