Commit to Your Feminine Power!

January 29, 2018


What do you think of when you hear the words, feminine power? Burning bras? Infiltrating the corporate world? For me, feminine power is a strong, beautiful energy holding me to my truth, empowering me to live my best life. I lost my power once and I made a commitment to myself that I would never lose it again.


One of the ways that we become more powerful and more embracing of our feminine energy is by taking ownership of our bodies. Ownership and commitment. As women we need to be in right relationship with our bodies and our bodies need to be the ultimate partner in our lives. If we can seek out this relationship and shift our mindset into a belief that holds us to our truth, then miraculous things will start to happen effortlessly.


Imagine for a moment that you are going on a trip where you might not have as much control as you would like to have. If you make sure to get enough rest, hydrate well, and take supplements that you know will give you the extra support needed for travel, you give yourself access to have the most energy and lightness throughout your trip. This comes through practicing putting yourself first and the practice of saying, “My endocrine system requires a couple of key ingredients every day.” If we can practice making that a priority every day, then it becomes much easier to prioritise our needs in general. We’re more likely to speak up in a meeting, and make sure our needs are heard and potentially met. Practice saying to yourself, "This is what makes me feel good," and "this is what doesn’t make me feel good." Practice hearing what your body needs and then giving it what it needs. That’s the most fundamental part, and when we start to prioritise ourselves within the dynamic of other people, every situation becomes easier.


We can also look at the outside and that is important. Standing in front of a mirror naked, embracing all that we are, is a very powerful thing. What 'right relationship' and 'getting into commitment with our body' means is becoming educated about our elegantly complex, miraculously powerful world of hormone balance and function on the inside – our endocrine system. If we can hook into this, then we can make choices every day that are in support of our bodies. Why would supporting our bodies give us access to our power? Because that is actually what’s happening inside us throughout the day.


When this is not being practiced, what I see happening with women is that they find themselves in a situation where they feel their boundaries are being crossed and they don’t know why. We know we should be eating but we don’t because someone else needs something from us. Or we know we need more rest but we don’t take it because there’s a work situation or a friend who needs our attention. We don’t prioritise, and then we start wondering why we didn’t get the promotion at work, or our relationship with our partner doesn’t seem as fulfilling as it could be. Maybe we don’t communicate our needs or we are not quite clear on exactly what our needs are.


When 'My relationship with my body is the most important thing' becomes a belief for us, everything shifts from there. And so it’s about getting to know our uniquely female bodies. It is learning how our endocrine system is communicating with us throughout the day. What are the signs our body is giving us, what conversations is it having with us, and how do we engage those conversations using food and lifestyle choices and behaviour to honour it?

Inspired by a WISH Summit talk between Tera Warner and Alisa Vitti

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