Full moon bath ritual

This week we experienced a super moon phenomenon. On the 14th November 2016, the moon was the closest it had been in 68 years. Social media made this very popular by offering information like the moon will appear 14% bigger than when it is furthest from the earth, and many shared posts about what astrology had to say about the spectacle. What I know is this…

On the morning of the 14th November, without remembering that this was the day of the super moon, I felt very, very strongly about an aspect of my life I had been contemplating. I woke up knowing what I needed to do. This feeling lasted well into the next day and that night I decided to enjoy a ‘full moon’ bath ritual, something I used to do almost monthly until my life got so busy that I ‘forgot’ about this important me time ceremony that always left me feeling comfortable in my being.  

What I understand about full moon rituals is that because the moon is now at its biggest and will be waning or becoming smaller over the following 2 weeks, it is a good time to set intentions for letting go of things that no longer serve you. Being a feminine symbol, the moon represents emotional, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives.

For me the best way to inspire myself at this time is to relax in a warm candle lit bath filled with my favourite oils or salts, and sip a cup of herbal tea. So, here’s what I did this week to mark this unusual full moon.

  1. I ran a medium to warm temperature bath. Being summer I cannot tolerate the almost scorching kinds that I do in winter.

  2. I lit a few candles, at the moment I am using Soy Lights which I love, and dimmed the lights.

  3. As I have recently obtained the full Les Fleur de Bach Présence de Bach range and am rather obsessed with it, I used 1 capful of the bath salts. Already the bathroom started to smell of the floral, spicy blend that captivates me every day when I use the Eau de Parfum. There are 8 Bach flower essences in the range which, together help one to stay in tune with themselves and those around them. It creates well-being, balance and harmony, which sounds perfect for my upcoming intentions.

  4. With my herbal tea ready, I slipped into the water that felt softer due to the salts.

  5. Because I like to keeps these rituals simple, I closed my eyes and started to think about what no longer served me and I wanted to let go of. After thanking it for being with me and supporting me for so long, I let the need to hold onto it go. Realising that there may now be some ‘space’ where that need no longer lived, I allowed lightness of being in to fill that space.

  6. The remainder of my bath time ritual was spent sipping tea, washing myself with the matching Présence de Bach bath crème and my Konjac sponge while relaxing into the knowing that all is as it should be.

  7. To finish off my bath ritual, I lightly applied the Présence de Bach body lotion, noticing that I used half as much as usual due to the bath salts softening my skin so much. And because it was night-time, I spritzed only one spray of Présence Eau de Parfum and headed off to bed with a good book.

The bath ritual left me noticeably more relaxed in my body as well as my mind, and I reminded myself that these things do not have to be complicated or perfectly timed, we just need to create a little space for meaningful self-care.